Newspaper Opinion Pieces

These are often much shorter articles then the ones I write for the blog. Check back to see new additions.

How the public are not forcing politicians to discuss our agenda during this years election campaign. Instead, we are letting them dictate to us the terms of their election. By reintroducing marriage equality into the debate, we force politicians to discuss ideas they are more uncomfortable with.

Following Sophie Mirabella’s accusation that her loss of the seat of Indi in the 2013 election cost the community $10 million in hospital funding, questions have to be asked about the extent of corruption in Federal Politics.

An article examining the implications of Tony Windsor’s return to politics to contest the seat of New England. It details the changes that have occurred which threaten Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce’s hold on the seat, yet exposes a far more significant problem with the Conservatives’ hold on power in the Coalition government.

A look into the hypocrisy of conservative commentators defending Cardinal George Pell when he was the victim of police abusing their power, yet staying silent when far more grievous abuses were committed against former NRL ‘bad boy’ John Hopoate.