Where to from here? Observations from the US Election


In the beginning, the universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move. Contrary to how I felt when I called the election for Trump at 3:45 on Wednesday, when a combination of shock and nausea convinced me the apocalypse had arrived, the sun […]

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Donald Trump and the Decline of the Republican Party


Donald Trump will not be President. Rather, he is a continuation of a systemic problem which plagues the Republican Party – they keep nominating candidates which are increasingly unpalatable to most demographics which aren’t non-college educated males. This article explains this process, and how Romney’s loss in 2012 should have signalled that the Republican Party’s entrenched ideological positions have been left behind by an America demographically different from thirty years ago.

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The Stanford Rapist and Rape Culture


Every now and again you find yourself reading something which cuts through the superficiality of day-to-day existence. So captivating that it not only captures your attention, it keeps a hold of you a long time after you think you are finished with it. So powerfully personal that it transcends geographical barriers and puts you right […]

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Killing the Gorilla


The tragic death of Harambe and what a 200kg gorilla can teach us about logic and risk. What can a 200kg Gorilla can teach us about risk? In Cincinnati this week, a 200kg gorilla was put to death after it had grabbed a four-year old child who had fallen over the wall and into the […]

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Lest We Forget What, Exactly?


An Essay on the Misappropriation of ANZAC Day in Contemporary Australia I guess at this point in my life I have made a bit of reputation for myself for being critical of the public holidays everyone else seems to love. I don’t celebrate Christmas because I don’t enjoy it. I despise Australia Day because it […]

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An Open Letter to the Anti-Vaxxer


Dear Anti-Vaxxer, Over the past while I have had the pleasure of ‘debating’ you in regards to our respective positions on vaccination. I use the term ‘debating’ lightly because it is difficult in 140 characters to have a meaningful exchange of ideas about a controversial or contested subject. Ideas and the perspectives of individuals are […]

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Casino Mike and Pill Testing at Festivals


Very rarely in the formulation of public policy do you get uniform consensus about the merits and effectiveness of a particular program proposal. When it involves young people having a good time, generally the entertainment industry and the various medical and scientific groups are diametrically opposed. Throw in young people losing their lives, and you […]

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The Paralysis of Our Democracy


Apathy, Ignorance and Career Politicians in the 21st Century. We live in a genuinely interesting and transformational time. Globalisation has irrevocably changed the way we view and understand business, culture and each other. We have never been more interconnected and yet, paradoxically, people feel more alone and incomplete than ever. Humanity stands at the cusp […]

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Australia Day: Is the 26th of January really the best we can do?


  The cycle of news and current affairs has always been interestingly peculiar to me – what ‘news’ becomes big news on a particular day, and the processes determining why an event is subjectively more valued than an objectively more significant event is something I find fascinating. I get it – media is a market; […]

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A Short Comment in Defence of Adam Goodes

This year marks 20 years since St. Kilda's Nicky Winmar took a stance against racism in the AFL. One of the great Indigenous players to of all time, Adam Goodes of the Sydney Swans reenacts the moment. The Swans play Collingwood on Friday night kicking off the AFL's Indigenous Round.

The phrase ‘ashamed to be an Australian’ has become quite the cliche in this day and age, and I am going to avoid such melodramatics in what follows. However I must say that the issue of crowds booing Adam Goodes is forcing me to seriously reflect on what it is to be Australian, and whether […]

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