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From the Kardashians to the laid-back surfie sick-lad, one of the frustrating issues of our time is the celebration of ignorance and nonchalance. Being informed and intelligent is often met with derision; dismissed as nothing more than the reflection of a person’s ‘nerdy’ nature. It is often easier to act a fool and go along with the crowd than try and contribute anything meaningful to public dialogue. Worse, if people feel as though knowledge won’t get them anywhere, where is the incentive to know anything at all? Where is the incentive for media to give us the information we truly need?

All things considered,  where does that leave the future of our society?

I started this blog because I increasingly feel that it is not enough to complain about all of this whilst proffering nothing  in return. It is woefully negligent of me to sit smugly by and complain that complex issues are put in the ‘too hard’ basket whilst giving back nothing more than the occasional epic rant on social media.

Get involved, get angry – it is our future at stake.


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